Our Story

Co-founder Alley standing on top of a mountain

Co-Founder, Alley Rubadeau, found out she was pregnant with her second child in early 2018. Being active and curious her entire life, she wanted to know what the best prenatal vitamin, nutrition, and workout she could do for herself and her child. After lots of research, she realized there was not that much information out there on prenatal and postnatal workouts. Running marathons for the last 5 years was not going to be a reality for her during pregnancy so she wanted alternatives. She created this box with a vision in mind – healthy eating, staying active, and providing women with something to look forward to each month.

Co-founder, Virginia Davies, took up sprinting in her fifties, with the help of coach Grayson Fertig. What was her motivation? She wanted to make certain she maintained her ability to play with her 3 grandchildren. She also wants to make certain women have healthy pregnancies and postnatal health. Health, fitness, her children, and grandchildren are her passion.

Virginia Davies, CEO
“We the people” must come together and make some real change. Read this message from our CEO and social entrepreneur, Virginia Davies.