How to make a live wallpaper on Android or iPhone

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If you do DIY projects, you probably have a lot of the supplies on hand. We had to buy a big sponge but that was only a couple of dollars. Use this level or a taping knife against the wall to guide your utility knife as you cut off the excess. Take into account the excess you won’t be able to use in each roll.

LOL So, what do I use to take down the border without tearing the wallpaper/or wallboard in the process? Truly, the proper way to paint the wall is to first remove the wallpaper border. If you have tried every trick you know, and the wallpaper border just won’t come down, it’s time to paint over it. If you need to paint over a wallpaper border, you can do so, but you must follow certain steps to prepare the surface. With over 40 years of experience in wallpaper removal, Totally OFF The Wall !!

How Much Wallpaper You Need

This is a big one and is often responsible for live Wallpapers not working on your device. This shouldn’t make a difference because Low Power Mode doesn’t deactivate Live Wallpapers, but sound logic doesn’t always help with technical issues. Many users have reported Low Power Mode as the cause of their problems. Whatever issue you may have with your iPhone, the easiest fix is to restart it. This is also true for Live Wallpaper problems, so try a quick restart before anything else and see if it helps.

  • This might come with some drawbacks depending on the app you choose.
  • I’m in love with it now, but who knows how we’ll feel in 5-10 years.
  • The rest of the wallpaper strips are hung in the same manner.
  • I chose an inconspicuous spot to slightly overlap one of the strips to correct the slanting and get the strips level again.

This software arranges a default storage location for the downloaded YouTube videos. If you want to use your specified location, you can click the Hamburger button, go to Settings, and click Browse to select your needed folder for saving videos. On the Settings interface, you can also select the number of maximum current downloader based on your requirements. This software is specially designed to download YouTube videos to MP3, MP4, WAV, and WebM. If you want to get a high-resolution YouTube video for your wallpaper, this software is highly recommended. However, the only downside of this excellent tool is that Start Screen Customizer must be running in the background for the proper functioning of the GIF file.


It installs automatically and immediately takes effect on your desktop. Rainmeter skins are some of the coolest-looking animated backgrounds you’ll find anywhere. Vimeo makes it surprisingly simple to create an interactive video. Setting up a video lockscreen on iPhone requires a couple of steps, but it’s totally worth it — we promise.

Chances are you’ll need to cut the final piece vertically. Do this as you have been trimming the top and bottom of each length of paper. Creating a sharp crease in the corner, pull the paper away from the wall slightly and use your wallpaper scissors to cut down. You could also use a very sharp Stanley knife. Using this mark draw a plumb line using either a plumb-bob or spirit level.

Then, choose an appropriate tool, such as TikTok or TikTok Wallpaper Picture app to export it as a live wallpaper. Select any dynamic wallpaper option to see a live preview of it. If you decide not to use that iPod background and instead want to try another, tap “Cancel” to return to the list.


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